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Hello, There!

We’re Sam & Brendon, the owners of Balanced, and we’re so excited to welcome you to our new website! For our returning customers, we hope you’ll take a look around and enjoy what’s new. For those who don’t know us, we’d like to welcome you to your local healthy-food spot in southern NH! Here at Balanced, we believe that ordering “fresh and healthy” food options should be a simple process, and we hope you agree!


The Balanced Vibe

Health food has received a bad rep over the past few years, but we’re changing that mindset at Balanced. Our philosophy? Balanced offers something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a “healthy guru” or you simply want a refreshing smoothie before work. In short, we all deserve to order a healthy meal without the closed-off approach (no yoga pants required here)!


Our Story

Our idea of offering a healthy and non-intimidating menu first started with our own experience. As a couple, one of our goals has always been to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But whenever we went to a health-food spot, the menu always seemed to be the same: mostly vegan, with no appetizing carb or protein options.

While we both love vegan options, Brendan also enjoys eating meat and carbs! However, even if this was an option on the menu, it never tasted as good as the vegan option (cue the bland chicken wrap with cheese and lettuce). We felt that everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that was delicious and inclusive. So, we decided to change up the health-food experience. And thus, Balanced was created!


Be Balanced!

Ordering healthy food shouldn’t be complicated. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that there is no “one-size-fits-all” for a healthy lifestyle. As such, Balanced offers sustainable and delicious meal options with macronutrient food groups that are vital for optimal health. Some of our favorite menu options include our Traditional Açaí Bowl, our PB Smoothie, and our Iced Nutella Latte with milk (yep, real milk). We know you won’t be disappointed! So, stop by at one of our two locations in Plaistow, NH or Windham, NH to share in our passion for healthy food options that fit every lifestyle!


What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy some amazing food options on the go, or eat and relax by our indoor Koi Pond!

Finally, be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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