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Still Searching for “Smoothies Near Me”? Choose Balanced!

smoothies near me

Summer is right around the corner, which means hundreds of New Englanders are searching for the same thing: “smoothies near me”! Here at Balanced, we believe that nutrition and health go hand-in-hand, but we don’t stop there – we think healthy food should taste good too! It’s always smoothie day at Balanced, and today, we’re going over all the benefits of smoothies, and we’re sharing a few of our menu favorites. If you aren’t craving one by the end of this post, we suggest you stop at one of our two locations and try one for yourself.


What’s The Deal With Smoothies?

We’ll admit we’re a little obsessed with smoothies. But trust us when we say it’s for a good reason! Smoothies are a great way to add these food groups to your diet if you’re looking to increase your fruit or veggie intake. But why do we love them at Balanced? For starters, our smoothies are versatile! Whether it’s a fruit smoothie or we’ve snuck in some spinach, we always guarantee a fresh and delicious flavor.


Did you know? When a smoothie is made with a healthy dose of fruits, vegetables, fats, carbs, and protein, its nutritional value is enough for an on-the-go meal replacement.


Smoothies For All!

Are you new to the smoothie game and don’t know where to start? At Balanced, we provide a creative and evolving menu with a variety of smoothie flavors to choose from! Some of our featured items include:


  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry: A decadent smoothie with Strawberries, Banana, Nutella, Cacao Nibs, and Almond Milk.


  • Spicy Mango: Wake your taste buds! This smoothie contains Coconut Milk, Mango, Pineapple, Turmeric, Lime Juice, and Cayenne Pepper.


  • PB Cup: A staff pick, this creamy smoothie includes a delicious blend of Banana, Cacao Nibs, Nutella, Peanut Butter, and Almond Milk. *For a low-cal option, try our “Skinny” PB Cup variation!


Still Googling “Smoothies Near Me”?

If you’re searching for a delicious and healthy smoothie, check out Balanced! Our menu offers multiple flavors and styles and even a “Build Your Own Smoothie” option! Stop by today to grab your smoothie on the go, or sit, sip, and relax by our Koi Pond – See you soon!


Ready to order? Check out our online menu, or stop at one of our two locations: Windham, NH, or Plaistow, NH!


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