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3 Reasons to Enjoy Healthy Sandwiches

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If you’re searching for “sandwiches near me”, you may have run into a few generic lunch places (cue the Wendy’s drive-thru). But we get it – here at Balanced, we’ll be the first to admit that even healthy food is meant to be delicious, especially when it comes to lunch! And this is just one of the many reasons why we love sandwiches!  Depending on the ingredients, the sandwich is the perfect on-the-go meal that is easy to pack and eat in any setting. However, what may start out as a “healthy” lunch can quickly turn into a less healthy option.


Three Ways To Enjoy A “Healthy” Sandwich

There’s a reason why we love sandwiches – they’re easy to make and customizable. In short, sandwiches are our favorite lunch staple! However, the best way to fuel up during the day might not be with a stack of processed deli meat and a glob of mayo between two slices of white bread. Instead, go for ingredients that are just as yummy to eat but without the extra calories. 

Some healthy sandwich ideas include:

  1. Add fresh veggies! Load up your sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and pickles, just to name a few.
  2. Mix up your bread selection. Try to avoid processed breads, as these contain added sugars and preservatives. Instead, go for something with more fiber, e.g., a whole wheat panini or a spinach wrap. Did you know? Fiber can help slow the absorption of sugar and it can help with sugar levels in the body!
  3. Skip the processed deli meats. Processed deli meats contain a large amount of sodium, and while salt is great, too much of it can also be detrimental to heart health. Instead, opt for a low-sodium or fresh protein option like freshly grilled chicken or slices of low-sodium turkey! For added flavor, use a low-sodium marinade on your proteins!


Still Searching For “Sandwiches Near Me”?

If you’re in the mood for a quick bite that is also filling, and at Balanced, we offer healthy and delicious in one bite! Stop by to try one of Brendon’s favorites, a burrito filled with Jasmine rice, chicken, black beans, and mozzarella cheese, or any of our paninis or wraps! Not in the mood for a sandwich? We have smoothies and salads too! Order in-person or online from one of our two locations today!


It’s lunchtime! Order your sandwich to-go through our online menu or stop in and say hello. Follow our Facebook page for weekly updates!

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